I wanted to create an app where a user could create a message or quote in a crisp clear image and be able to send/share the message easily and at high resolution.
— Rolando R Guerra

If I had to name one thing I really dislike on social media I would say "bad repost". Im talking about the blurry quote repost, or the cropped images with white bars on top with blurry text.

Say it all with a FancyQuote.
FancyQuote is the easy fun way to create, customize, and share your quotes. 
Use FancyQuote to share your thoughts and ideas with the world.

FancyQuote comes loaded with intuitive easy to use options such as themes, color pallet, fonts, and text attribute controls. Customize further with the ability to add your own background from photos. Reaching friends and family has never been easier.

Share directly to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or save to photos.


• Clean user-friendly interface
• Custom Font selection
• Beautiful Color Pallet selection
• Color Wheel with full range of colors
• Text Size control
• Text Attribute controls
• Shadow controls
• Text color control
• Text Spacing control
• Text Kerning control
• Fancy Quote themes with preset fonts & Colors
• Edit your caption live over the background
• Use your own photos as backgrounds
• Share via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

• New MEME font Available!