Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cells are taken from a small fat sample. A centrifuge separates stem cells from fat cells. Stem cells are reintroduced to affected area at point of treatment.

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy Process Overview & Benefits
Stem cells found in fat can repair any damaged tissues and prevent disease. Learn more: www.icorestemcell.com


Knee relief without surgery is now possible with the help of our regenerative procedures. We offer Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, and Laser Therapy to our patients in order to treat various conditions. Our physicians and staff are ready to help. Learn more: www.icorestemcell.com

Autologous Stem Cell Benefits:

• Repair any type of tissue in the body
• Patients receive their own cells, so there is 0% risk of immune rejection
• Regenerate any damaged tissue in the body including injured hearts and damaged spinal cords (After Stroke) (After surgery)
• Cells can be used for breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer.
• Can also be used to treat Lyme disease.

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