JOMORI Health & Wellness

Based in Houston, Texas JOMORI Health & Wellness was founded by Dr. Oscar Lightner. 

JOMORI's Rejuvenation portion of the clinic offers Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, IV Infusion Therapy, and Stem Cell Transplants. While our Esthetics portion handles Laser Hair Removal, and Weight Loss Programs.

Dr. Oscar Lightner is a certified family physician with nearly 35 years in practice, he is well-known for his specialties in Alternative and Naturopathic Medicine. 


Spring Promos 🎬

Forever After Bridal is a premier bridal store, and is well-recognized for its origins in Laredo, Texas.

Examining Forever After's success from a promotional standpoint, they became Laredo's most well known bridal company with little to no online promotion for the first seven years.  Word of mouth grew their success which is very rare in today's ever-changing business environment. 

Their quality products and excellent customer service speak for themselves.   

Having made their first website in 2014, CR Studios was honored to be working with such an elegant and well-known client. 

Their website only brought them more online attention and led to an increase in visibility and continuous online sales.


🌸Join us for our 1st Prom Expo at Forever After!!!🌸 ✔ Live Fashion Show @ 2pm & 4pm Prom Dress Giveaways, Free Live Make-Overs, Tuxedos, Party Bus, Skincare, Prom Corsages, Prom Portraits, magazine coverage and much more! 🤗Don't miss out on all our 💥vendor's giveaways💥 and be the lucky girl who takes a F.R.E.E D.R.E.S.S.👗 and M.A.K.E.O.V.E.R👄!!! SPECIAL DISCOUNTS WILL BE OFFERED IF YOU BOOK OR BUY DURING EVENT!!! 101 Calle del Norte . #tagafriend #prom #seniors2018🎓 @uhs_seniors @sofiasiller @sarah_benavides @jonalireyes @somos_magazine @chicandcheek_danny @thepartybus956 @dandiesandco @dandiesandcompany @lizandra.garza @lorenaslzr @mhs_tiger_cheer @unitedlarriettes @chs_2k18_ @ushs2018 @ahsclassof_2018

Posted by Forever After on Friday, March 16, 2018

Fast forward to today, we are building Forever After's online store and already had great success with Black Friday's online store promotions. 

Make sure to check out ForeverAfter's wonderful collection of bridal garments at

CR + Knack

This Friday the CR team attended the knack-con in Austin, TX hosted in The Capital Factory at the Omni Hotel. Rolando and Christopher met with Brandon Griggs and Eric Katherman the founders of Knack Database as well as the rest of the Knack team and a few fellow Knack users. Not only were future updates for Knack discussed- the CR Team also shared how they use and apply Knack Database to power data archiving and communication. 



The CDLCHECK.ORG website and app are supported by knacks database platform. CR Studios is proud to work with such a great platform and company.

CDL Check helps connect logistics agencies and commercial drivers by creating a better driving community.  Import-export agencies, cargo distributors, load providers, and carriers are able to review and share commercial driver reviews. 

Driver Reviews bring awareness to business owners before hiring a driver.

CDL Drivers benefit from CDL Check using free trucker friendly maps, jobs,  and conceivably meriting drivers higher pay due to positive driving reviews and feedback.


2017 Reflection

It is now December of 2017 as the new year approaches. 

CR Studios has grown tremendously this year! 

From launching 5 new IOS Apps with commerce features to making 3D models with Fusion 360. 

This year we helped clients launch the e-commerce store of their dreams! We also helped businesses spread their wings, by training their faculty and staff on how to properly enlist products, ship and organize inventory.  

3DComponent Disassembly Animation by CR Studios

This year alone, we enlisted 15 businesses on Google maps, Apple maps, Bing maps, Siri and Cortana. We are very excited to be a google level 3 partner! With over 30K views on each business enlisting! 

CR Studios looks forward to the new horizons of 2018! With strong interests in the 3D industry and keeping our clients growing in today's ever-changing digital atmosphere. 

 Google Stats

Google Stats


AMIGO Staffing

AMIGO Staffing

Use Amigo Staffing to:
• View various types of Job Positions.
• Apply for Jobs, with the ability to upload your Info and Resume.
• Outsource your employee needs through a Staffing Request.
• Hire Security for any occasion by filling a form.
• Apply for a Transportation Job with a CDL License.
• Stay up to date with the latest Amigo Staffing News.